Thursday, May 31, 2012

DIY Portland Wedding

DIY Portland Wedding

From Suzannah: "I always imagined I’d have a DIY wedding. I do everything myself by nature, and love the power I feel from taking things into my own hands and doing my own home décor, minor upholstery, jeans-mending, trendy dress-making. From before we were even engaged (and before DIY weddings were cool, I swear ;) !) I’ve imagined I would do just about everything for the wedding myself. I love making food for large groups so figured I could even do the catering, and make the cake! And of course I’d make my dress and the bridesmaid dresses, and everything else would be vintage! But once the ring was on my affair was. For more than 100 guests, many from out of town, we needed a big place with amenities like a hotel and a real bar, and from going to more friends’ weddings in the time before ours I realized no, I would not have time to instruct the AV guys exactly where the mic should go, or set up the cake table. I would be in pictures and getting dressed and maybe freaking out a little. I know some brides do it ALL, but for me I found I needed to stick to what I knew.
We had almost two years to plan the wedding, and picked the location about 18 months before. When I had done my research I realized how much easier it would be if we went with a place that made the food for you, and used their own catering services so you didn’t have to check out tons of food vendors. Another huge plus of any McMenamins location (a great local chain around the Northwest) is that the room rental fee is waived if you hit a food and beverage minimum. Um, no rental fee, just pay for food? Yes, please!"

{Suzannah is a blogger based in Portland, Oregon, who "loves to sew, decorate my apartment, and put together cute outfits on a budget." A DIY-er by nature she loves to share projects, tutorials and ideas for handmade lifestyles!}

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