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Spoonflower: Design and Print Your Own Fabric


CUSTOM PRINTED FABRIC  No minimum order  $15.75 per yard | $5 swatches  | 10 Premium natural fabrics  | Eco-friendly textile printing  |  International shipping  |  Weekly fabric design contest
Spoonflower | Design and Print Your Own Fabric
Thoughts and experiences with Spoonflower:
*Excerpted from
Emmaline @
"Spoonflower prints on fabric using giant inkjet printers. (Not wildly different from what you likely have at home, just a lot bigger, using longer lasting washable inks and specially calibrated to give consistently good results.)

Prices start at $15.75/yard (and go up based on the type of fabric you choose.) You can order a fabric sample pack for just $1, shipping included.
Spoonflower also includes a free printed fabric swatch with every fabric order. You can order swatches, fat quarters, half-yards and infinite yardage. Designers also have the option of ordering samplers at lower costs to test prints." 
                                    joker shirt | weephun                             mirrah leaf bright | holli_zollinger    
"Designing for Spoonflower is not as mind-boggling as it may sound. If you want to keep things simple, Spoonflower makes it easy to do that. You can upload a wide variety of image sizes and file formats to create a design. Once your design is uploaded, you can use Spoonflower's application platform tools to edit the images, adjust the colors and choose the way it will repeat."

mod grain - browns | thirdhalfstudios                         chevrons | holli_zollinger  

"A few tips:

Start by getting a *color guide.
You can get this one for $1, including shipping.
I'd say that's step 1, no matter what you're planning to do.
This color guide includes 171 colors-- both a tile of the color and beneath each tile the RGB code you'd need to create it." -Emmaline

*The $1 color guide and a few of the printed swatches I've gotten along with fabric orders.

"Consider getting the big color map. The $1 chart above is a fantastic start, but the large scale chart is a must-have if you're going to get serious about fabric design. 
Colors are critical to success. I love this as wall art, but it's entirely practical to have on hand because it doesn't matter how fantastic your monitor is, the colors that appear on a screen will be different from the colors that print on a surface." 

"In this larger format the codes are included on top of each tile."

"Spend some time thinking about fabric options.
Spoonflower discusses their fabric types and gives relevant details like the width and weight of fabrics. Images of each fabric help illustrate how the same image will appear slightly different on each substrate because of the base color, texture, weight and absorbency of the fabric.

Interlock knit, for example, prints differently. It's a substrate that's slightly more oatmeal-ish in color, and the inks are a little more absorbed into the fabric.
Not a bad thing, just something to keep in mind." -Emmaline

9 of the 10 current fabric options

"At first glance, the price differences seem big in-between the "substrates" or types of fabric. But when you look at the cost of each fabric by the square inch instead of by the yard, the prices aren't that different.

-Kona (which is PFD white, I learned by asking) is 42" wide and $18/yard.
-Sateen is 56" wide and $27/yard.
-Cost per square inch is .14 and .16, respectively." 
Emmaline []
Thank you Emmaline! 
**  read more about Spoonflower @ Susan's 'crafterhours'! 

Download the Spoonflower Color Guide »

Download the Spoonflower Color Map »


Have a sample pack sent to you today! 

Each Sample booklet contains a 4" x 4"
unprinted swatch of each of our nine fabrics. 

Booklet is $1.00, shipping is free.


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"The Graphic Reflections Of Joshua Landsman"

Joshua Landsman’s Visual Reading Diary | imprint

"Writers I Have Loved"-- The Graphic Reflections Of Joshua Landsman

by J. J. SEDELMAIER on JULY 30, 2012

"I've known Joshua Landsman for over 45 years. We went to the same junior-high/high school in Evanston, lllinois, and even worked on our school newsletter together. I was always in awe of his writing talent—and sense of humor. He's since written screenplays and one-act plays—his "Frank Talk About Matters Big And Small" played at Chicago's Organic Theater as part of the second Chicago Fringe Festival.
What I wasn't aware of was his talent as an illustrator/designer. After we recently reconnected and renewed our friendship, Landsman showed me his drawings and cartoons, and specifically one project he'd been working on. His "Writers I Have Loved" project is delightful! Executed in sketchbook format, it does a exquisite job of combining Landsman's love for the written word, the people who write the words, and his unique graphic spin on how to tell the biographical stories he wants to tell. 
What also blows me away is how he presents his deep respect for the personal world of books in general. When you look through the imagery he's created to tell an author's story, you feel as though you've received a personal invitation to read through the writer's diary, journal, or scrapbook.
Each story is unique and well thought-out, but they also all retain an impulsive freshness (almost improvised) that feels tailor-made to each individual story. Landsman uses the entire page—drawings, illustrations, tipped-in clippings, typography . . .it's all a part of his presentation."
 "Writers I Have Loved" portfolio

"Here's how this project happened, in Landsman's own words:
'I started with the drawings of Evelyn Waugh and Flaubert, two of my very favorite writers. I was just trying to see if I could not draw like a monkey (jury's still out). I'm not sure exactly when it turned into a "project"—a whole sketchbook based on writers and books that have been important to me for different reasons at different times in my life—but I've ended up with what I think is a pretty accurate record of my life as a reader, or at least a record of the highlights, the stuff that has stayed with me. It's been very satisfying for me to revisit these books and writers. I really do love them—I feel like they're friends of mine who have had a tremendous influence on who I am and how I think. I've tried to make the pages personal, too—to tell a little story about my relationship with the writer or book. But sometimes it's just my thoughts about them.' 
Yes, I was an English Major . . .
Man, this is tasty stuff ! To see all the images in Landsman's project, go here:"

Joseph Heller


Wally Wood

Evelyn Waugh

William Burroughs (I think this is my favorite of all the designs.)

Samuel Beckett / Henry Moore

George Orwell

Marcel Proust

Andy Warhol . . . or Pat Hackett?

Thomas Pynchon

James Joyce

"Anomalies & Curiosities Of Medicine," 1896

Al Jaffee / Isaac Asimov

"God loves the simple folk"

J. D. Salinger

William Gaddis

J. G. Ballard

Ayn Rand / D. H. Lawrence

Dawn Powell

Fawn Brodie

Charles "Sparky" Schulz

The first page of a Schulz-inspired strip

Things Ludwig Wittgenstein didn't say. . . but Landsman did.

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Wilhelm Reich

Joseph Heller

The mailer that Joshua put together for an exhibit of the "Writers I Have Loved" project held recently at Chicago's J. Andrews Salon
Read more: Joshua Landsman’s Visual Reading Diary