Monday, October 8, 2012

Carl Wagan | MEDIA TO GO

Carl Wagan:

Profile PhotoTHE CARL WAGAN BOOKMOBILE is a traveling campervan of cosmic proportions. It is a gallery, printshop, studio, library, reading room, classroom, and community project—all contained within a 1988 VW Westfalia. 

The Carl Wagon promotes active engagement with book-based cultural activity such as self-publishing, zine-making, screen-printing, and bookbinding. Subtitled “The Spaceship of the Imagination,” Carl is partly a loving homage to the innovation of astronomer Carl Sagan whose passion for dreaming continues to inspire generations of thinkers. 

Carl Wagan is an experiment in radical pedagogy—bringing the strategies, materials, ideas and dialogues of independent publishing to a wide variety of audiences.

The Carl Wagan is the project of artist Shannon Gerard and first developed as an extension of her Nano Publishing course at OCAD University. 

*Generously supported by Aboveground Art | 

VISIT CARL at the Bloorcourt Festival this Saturday, August 18th between 11 am and 7 pm for a full day of activity!
We’ll be parked at Bloor and Delware all day!

Special Guest Star ~ TREVOR DUNSEITH ~
{at the Carl Wagan | Bloorcourt Arts + Crafts Fest}

Selected works from the Campfire:
Off The Map, Natalie Drajewicz
(:Martyr), Rebecca Ladds
Wood Panel That Shit!, Krystina Plante

Selected works from The Campsite:
In Case of Emergency, Jackie Lee
Recollection Volume 1 “Paris in Pattern”, Pallavi Thampi
GOSH, Reginald Leung
Remember Me Not, Dina Goldshtein

Selected Titles from the Infirmary at CAMP NANO:
How To Love Your Fucked Up Life, Dina Goldshtein
HAND, Taikun Kambashi
I’m So ^Fucking Alone, Jackie Lee
06/14/2012 - 06/21/2012, Victoria Pathammavong

This amazing cardboard fire was made by Jazmine Carr (far left) and Rebecca Ladds (far right)

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