Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Furoshiki, the eco-friendly wrapping cloth!

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Furoshiki ("foo-roe-sh-kee")
a traditional wrapping cloth
used to carry gifts or shopping.

In Japan, the art of wrapping gifts with furoshiki is common. This beautiful practice keeps one mindful of the environment by reducing waste and helps build a legacy to pass on to family of cherished moments preserved in fabric!
Furoshiki is an elegant, versatile and earth-friendly way to wrap or transport a gift. It can up-cycled; re-used as a scarf, a kerchief, a headband, or impromptu rain cape!
During the winter holidays, 4 million tons of wrapping paper and shopping bags are thrown away, and throughout the year millions more tonnage of disposable wrapping and bags are sent to landfills or end up in the oceans and seas of our planet.
Learn how to use and reuse Furoshiki Wrap
step by step illustrated instructions
or an 
instructional video.


The children's online shop "tea" uses Furoshiki for all it's wrapped gifts!

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