Sunday, May 29, 2016

Handmade Shoes
from Unmarked

Ah! Nothing like a favorite pair of well-made kicks.
Handmade shoes cost a bit more than factory made, mass-produced shoes, but they’re entirely worth it. A brand to add to your wish list: Unmarked well-made shoes.

Started by Claribel Perez and Hugo Fonce, whose ethos is simply, "attention to detail":

“The production process for each pair of shoes or boots requires more than 200 steps and two days of intense labor from the hands of the best craftsmen.”

Utilizing the talents of local craftsman for their collection, Claribel and Hugo are blending a love of tradition with great modern design. I’m sure these feel as good on your feet as they look.

All of our products are made using heritage
machinery and techniques from early 1900's.


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